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A Precise, Non Destructive Solution to Locating Hard to Find Water Leaks

HydroScout Certified Leak Locators

At HydroScout we locate water leaks on any pipe, in any condition, and under any surface. Water leaks as small as a drip and at depths of more than 10 feet can be located.

We do not approach water leak detection according to the traditional methods of "seek and destroy.
"We will find your leak using sound, not a jackhammer".

Our technicians are trained to use a number of different electronic listening devices and pipe locators to pinpoint your water leak.

Using our state of the art equipment and our own proven techniques developed over the past twenty-five years, we will pinpoint the source of your water leak quickly.

At HydroScout, leak detection is not just a side service we offer, leak detection is our core service and the foundation of our business. We will not waste your time or money and we back up our promise with our 100% guarantee.*Some Restrictions apply.

For immediate leak locating service call (877)588-5325.

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